Weed Gunnel pre-cut mats have many uses, including forestry, orchards, and small crops, civil and domestic applications as well as landscaping and regeneration projects. It can be stated that total weed control for the first two years is essential. For the first two years weeds control the trees but after three years the trees control the weeds. The tree root system of many Australian native species is so shallow, requiring a high nutrient and moisture level that any weeds around the root zone are in direct competition with the trees for survival. Many growers are achieving up to 96% tree survival rates in commercial timber plantations and other nursery and regeneration projects


Weed Gunnel has a hydrophilic treatment added during manufacture. Hydrophilic treatment breaks down the surface tension of the matting, allowing greater air and moisture penetration through the mat to the soil below. Therefore Weed Gunnel allows more efficient use of water resources as irrigation and rainfall pass easily through the mat. Weed Gunnel reduces moisture evaporation from the soil, allowing valuable water to be retained.


The aerobic conditions of the soil are maintained, due to the excellent air penetration through the mat. These conditions encourage worm and microbial activity below the mat. As air and moisture pass through the mat you eliminate the problem of fungal growth or collar rot around plant stems and roots that occurs with other types of weed matting.


Weed Gunnel is fully UV stabilized, giving the matting an extended life of up to 3-4 years in full sun conditions or 6-8 years if covered. Unlike some other products, Weed Gunnel has the highest rate of UV treatment, added during manufacture process, this is necessary to combat the harsh Australian UV and climatic conditions.


Liquid or slow release fertilizer will also pass easily through the mat. If matting is covered with mulch, all nutrients from the break down of the mulch will also leach through to the soil.


Weed Gunnel creates a physical barrier, which helps to reduce soil erosion and the loss of valuable top soil, due to wind and water runoff. Soil compaction around crops is also reduced as less mechanical weed control is required.


Weed Gunnel is a registered Allowed Input (452AI) with the Australian Organic. This had made Weed Gunnel very popular with certified organic growers all over Australia. However it is widely used by conventional growers who appreciate the added benefit of using a weed control mat that will not harm their soil structure.

Find out more about requirements and restrictions for organic growers.


Weed Gunnel is a degradable product. Weed Gunnel has been tested by the Qld University of Physical Sciences to ensure that no harmful toxins or heavy metal are released in the final break down of the mat.


Weed Gunnel reduces to use of herbicides, as well as reduces plant loss due to damage which can be caused by mechanical weed control or herbicide spray drift.


Weed Gunnel is available in widths of 1.8m, 1.4m, 0.9m, or 0.5m, in any length you require. 3.2m and 2m wide available but only in 100m rolls.
We also have limited stock of 1.2m and 1.6m side, however this only available in 400m rolls. Please contact us to check on availability.

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