Both the Insect Netting and Fruit/vege netting provides year round protection from insect, birds and harsh weather conditions, while still allowing UV light, water and air to pass through to the plants and soil below.
Netting can be used as a floating/draped cover or over a tunnel structure. When secured over a structure the netting can aid in protecting plants from storm/hail damage.
Netting can provide some protection from cold and frost. For best cold weather solution a layer of Horticultural Fleece can also be added, during winter months.
The use of netting reduces the use of pesticides, baits and bird scaring devices.
Nettings can increase crop yields and less loss from damaged produce.

Two types of netting available.

Fine 2mm/3mm mesh
50gsm HDPE – High Density Polyethylene.
UV stablised for longer life. Lasts up to 3 to 5 years.
High tenacity and transparency. Approx 15% shade factor.
Allows water and air to pass through.

Insect netting is a fine mesh to offer protection from small insect and pest, such as fruit fly.
Insect netting is a strong firm/rigid fabric. When attached to a structure it will not stretch out of shape, as easily as some pliable materials and therefore can offer better protection from storms and hail.
Available in widths of 2.5m, 4m or 6m

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Knitted style with triangle shaped holes approx 1mm to 3mm
50gsm HDPE – High Density Polyethylene
UV Stabilised for longer life. Lasts up to 3 to 5 years
High Tensile strength and transparency. Approx 20% shade factor.
Allows water and air to pass through.

Fruit/vege netting is a pliable knitted style of netting. Lightweight that can be draped directly over plants or attached to a structure. Vege netting can offer protection form insects such as cabbage moth but not from tiny pests such as aphids.
Available in widths of 3m, 4.2m or 6m.

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Easy to install tent shaped nets. Available in 3 sizes: 1m, 2m or 2.5m Square roof.
Tree nets are made from strong UV stabilised, HDPE 2mm mesh netting. Same as insect netting.
Permeable netting. Water pass through. Approx 15% Shade Factor. Sufficient light and airflow for healthy fruit production and plant growth.
Do not place the tree nets over the fruit trees until blossoming has finished and fruit is set. This allows for bees and insect to complete pollination.
Tree Nets are wildlife friendly due to the white colour and small mesh size which prevents wildlife becoming tangled.

Tree Nets can easily be placed directly over tree canopy. Net can be gathered around the trunk, which is best for insect protection. If using for proctection from the cold, secure netting to the ground, at base of tree, so heat trapped in the soil, during the day, can help insulate from night cold air.
Nets can be placed over a structure around trees or over a vege patch. Structures can be easily made by draping net over 4 star pickets,placed at each corner, (put plastic bottle over the end of star picket,to stop netting getting snagged). To add height, place poly pipe over pickets and cross pipe over to create dome top.

Fine 2m mesh net bag, with a drawstring closure.
Breathable bag, with approx 15% shade factor.
Reusable, can be used over several seasons.
Bags can be used to protect fruit and vegetables from pests, birds and animals.
Fruit/vege Bags can also be used to store ripened fruit and veges.
Fruit/vege bags can also be used for seed collection and storage.
Fruit/vege bags are available in 2 sizes:
20cm x 30cm
30cm x 45cm.

1m long and 70cm wide to easily slide along the branch and closed with drawstring. Enables all fruit on branch to be protected. No need to attach bag over each individual piece of fruit.
Fine 2m mesh net bag, with a drawstring closure.
Breathable bag, with approx 15% shade factor.
Reusable, can be used over several seasons.

Also available to help secure the netting , are pins, clips, sand bags and tunnel arches
More info on the Accessories page

COLD WEATHER. Netting will offer some insulation from the cold , but if you need protection from cold weather and frost we do recommend Horticultural Fleece.

ORGANIC GROWERS. Nettings are made from materials permitted by ACO to be used on Organic farms. For more information, refer to current ACO Standards Section 4.2.4 or contact your certifying body to check on acceptance of these products.
NB. Weed Gunnel and Horticultural Fleece are the only products included on our Allowed Input Registration Certificate.

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