Weed Gunnel has proved to be a very versatile product, which can be utilized in many different situations such as


As Weed Gunnel mat is available in different widths at any length you require, it has become very popular with the home gardener and landscapers.

It can be used in

  • New garden beds
  • Existing garden beds. Weed Gunnel is easy to cut and does not fray when cut, so you can easy shape the matting to fit in and around your existing garden bed. Individual pre cut mats are also available to be placed easily around established trees. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The larger circular tree gunnels provide for the ease of maintenance with mowers around the trees.
  • Under paths, pebbles and pavers. As Weed Gunnel is a permeable geofarbric it eliminates the problem of algae build up around pebbles and pavers, as water easily drains through the mat. 
  • Pavers, Weed Gunnel eliminates the problems of weeds as well as ant movement and nesting below your pavers
  • Sloping sites. When the surface tension of the weed mat is broken down, during the hydrophilic treatment, it gives the added benefit of allowing mulch to adhere to the weed mat, reducing the amount of mulch loss due to run off on steep sloping sites.
  • hanging basket linings. Weed Gunnel can easily be cut to fit into wire hanging baskets, allowing for excellent drainage and eliminating mould growth on liners.


As Weed Gunnel is a very time and cost efficient and sustainable means of weed control it is being used on a huge variety of crops and farming techniques, all over Australia.

Weed Gunnel reduces soil moisture evaporation and the loss of topsoil due to erosion, reduces soil compaction around your crops, and helps to maintain the health of your soil, giving you better production.

As Weed Gunnel is a permeable weed mat it is even being used in hydroponic farms and situations where drainage is important.Weed Gunnel matting is easy to use, and is available in different widths to suit bed forming machines. Weed Gunnel can be laid over drip irrigation or used with overhead irrigation systems as moisture passes easily through the mat.

Individual plantings are also accommodated for, with pre-cut sizes and shapes available or we can cut the weed mat to suit your specific needs.Weed Gunnel is ideal for use in and around organic farms as it is a registered allowed input (AI 452) with the BFA. (Biological Farmers of Australia)


Weed Gunnel can offer weed control in all stages of tree plantings.
Our range begins with 5” disks for on the top of pots, up to 1400mm square weed mats for around larger trees.
The 500mm square weed mats are suitable for tube stock plantings and when used in conjunction with our GREEN GROW TREE GUARDS offer a complete plant protections program. Weed Gunnel permeable weed mats have been used by Australian native timber growers with great success for a number of years.

If used during initial planting, the need to spray around your root zone is eliminated. Australian natives, being very shallow rooted thrive under the harmonious growing conditions promoted below the matting.

Weed Gunnel helps to retain moisture, promote microbial activity and control weeds, minimizing stock loss through herbicide damage and helps achieve advanced growth rates in the first couple of years.This along with the reduced time and labor costs makes Weed Gunnel a very cost effective and sustainable means of obtaining the best results in revegetating isolated areas.

Weed Gunnel matting is preferred over the standard coir or jute matting for a number of reasons including the ease of handling, more efficient water management, does not absorb surface moisture, eliminates the problem of collar rot, allows the soil to breathe and remain aerobic, minimizes the problem of nitrogen draw down when mulching, and does not have the problem of vermin nesting below the matting, while still stopping weed growth.

The tree root system of many Australian native species is so shallow, requiring a high nutrient and moisture level that any weeds around the root zone are in direct competition with the trees for survival.

Poor weed control accounts for most tree-planting failures.
Weeds can reduce trees early growth rates by up to 70% compared to weed free sites and can decrease survival from an expected 90% of trees planted to as little as 10%.


Weed Gunnel offers a large range of pre-cut disks to fit on top of most pots, or can be cut to suit individual specifications.


Weed Gunnel pre-cut weed mats are also in a range that offer an affective
Means of roadside and streetscape weed control. Pre-cut sizes are available to fit snugly under and around the base of Armco railings and delineator posts, providing year round maintenance and visibility.

If laid with a small covering of organic mulch, you will find the hydrophilic properties allow the mulch to adhere to the weed mat: this helps to reduce the problem of mulch being washed into drains during heavy rain conditions, and also being blown off due to heavy traffic conditions.As Weed Gunnel does not fray when cut, it will not produce loose threads that can entangle or damage plants and wildlife.

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