Weed Gunnel is a Registered Allowed Farm Input (AI452) NOT a Certified Organic Product.
To gain the registered statues with Australian Organics, testing was done on the matting and the breakdown process of the matting. The results of these tests show no heavy metals or harmful trace elements are released during breakdown.
Weed Gunnel also allows water and air to pass through the mat, keeping soil below health and aerobic.

These factors and test results means Weed Gunnel complies with the criteria needed to gain registration as an allowed input for organic growers.

There are some misconceptions about the use of Weed Gunnel as weed mat for organic growers, but as stated in the Australian Certified Organic, Standards 2019 V1, Section 4

Weed Gunnel is a polypropylene nonwoven fabric, it is preferred to thicker woven or plastic sheeting, as it is more beneficial to the soil, as water, air and small amount of UV light can pass through the mat. This keeps the soil below healthy and aerobic.

Weed Gunnel is a degradable product, but should be removed once the product starts to breakdown, as listed in Australian Certified Organics Standards -ANNEX 1 – Crop Production Inputs

Weed Gunnel does have regular audits from ACO, as does all certified and registered products. At the time of audit, samples are taken for testing by the certifying body, test results can be viewed on the Specifications page of our website or contact us for a copy of latest results.

Weed Gunnel is allowed on organic farms as it does conform with the criteria needed to be a registered allowed input.

Weed Gunnel offers growers an alternative to the use of chemical herbicides. Weed Gunnel offers a labour and cost efficient option to weed control, but it is up to the growers to decided if this product suits their farming practices.

We realise that there is a lot of false and misleading information shared on social media, regarding the standards required to be a Registered allow input, and how this differs from being a Certified Organic Product, so if you have any future questions please contact us or your certifying body.

Current copies of the Australian Certified Organics Standards can be found on their website.

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