I have during the past year gained an appreciation of a weed control products named weed Gunnel. This weed matting products has many advantages over similar products on the market in that with time it is biodegradable. I have gained first hand information supporting g the effects of this product. I have used Weed Gunnel in landscaping projects, my nursery and on student revegetation plats.

Apart from providing excellent weed control when in contact with the soil this product aids with moisture retention and erosion control. Weed Gunnel has also proven to be a superior product for sediment control at construction sites because the weave is closer than materials previously used for this purpose.

I recommend this product to contractors, environmental groups and councils as an affordable and effective method of weed and sediment control.

Stephen Flood
Environmental/Horticultural Consultant and Trainer.

 I have been trialling Weed Gunnel for two season now and am finding it to be very effective in controlling weeds in our certified organic small crops. This is helping to reduce labour costs on weeding and allows more time for plant maintenance, planting and picking. Weed Gunnel is also proving effective in water retention helping to reduce water use and irrigation time. I am very happy to recommend Weed Gunnel as a certified input.

Leonard Costantini www.secondnatureorganic.com.au
Director Second Nature Organics Second Nature Organic.com.au

We have been quite happy with the performance of the weed mat squares so far, particularly in the wake of the recent floods where the mat seemed to protect the young saplings from scour around the root ball.

Andrew Rickert www.bellingen.nsw.gov.au
River Health Projects Officer, Bellingen Shire Council

 No More Nutgrass!

Living on acreage and having a large organic vegetable garden there is a constant problem with weeds. One of our really large beds grew a most impressive crop of nutgrass over 30cm tall. It was thick and lush and impossible to remove completely. We tried everything over many years to no avail.
I have used weed gunnel on various garden beds over the years and have found it to be an effective and low cost solution to my weed problem but didn’t really expect it to work on nutgrass.
I discovered one layer of weed gunnel greatly reduces the nutgrass problem but some spikes do come through. I decided to try a little experiment and put down two layers of weed gunnel pegged down quite tight over the whole garden bed of lush nutgrass and then a layer of thick grassy mulch . That honestly was the last of my nutgrass problem.
We are now two years down the track and completely nut grass free. No sprays ,no weeding ,just the two layers of weed gunnel with mulch over the top(maybe this helps raise the temperature to rot the nutgrass) . I couldn’t quite believe it, I kept expecting it to pop up any moment-having witnessed nutgrass spears poking through very thick pool liners I knew how tough nutgrass was. . I looked under the gunnel occasionally to check what was happening and what happened was the nutgrass yellowed off and bent right over and then rotted.
I tell everyone I know about weed gunnel. It is wonderful that it biodegrades over time and that it can be used in an organic garden. The soil under my weed gunnel is always cool and moist and crumbly with lots of worms. Eventually the mulch I put on top of the matting(for aesthetics in the garden!) breaks down and the nutrients go through to the plants. Sometimes if I am a bit slack in the weeding department I grow a crop of weeds( nasties like cobblers pegs and couch and wandering jew) on the top of my weed gunnel in the covering mulch.The really great thing is the roots of the weeds can’t get through the weed gunnel to the soil and just sit on the top of the mat . When this happens I have discovered I can peel the whole layer of mulch and weeds off the weed gunnel really easily and then I just re mulch. Much easier and quicker than weeding normally! This then gets composted or given to the chooks to scratch in and nibble on .
I highly recommend this great product- it really helps the environment by reducing the need to use harmful sprays and even sprays are not always successful for ridding the garden of nutgrass. Give it a go-you won’t be disappointed!

Wendy Bailye www.wendybailye.com

 I Noosa and District Landcare has been using ” Weed Gunnel” in revegetation projects for a number of years. “We have recently been working with Noosa Council, who are doing some pioneering work rehabilitating old dump sites. We have planted 1200 trees in Stage one, using 600mm square Weed Gunnel. As a result of the success of the Weed Gunnels used in Stage One, we will definitely be using 2,400 Weed Gunnels on Stage Two, commencing in February 2005”, Project Officer Phillip Moran said.

Noosa & District Landcare Group INC

 Just to let you know we are very happy with your product, the benefits are numerous, saves in hard labor (moving loads of heavy mulch), spray, and after care maintenance. we are now able to plant almost double the amount of plants in one session.

Thanks from the team at SCYC and our hard working community volunteers
Samantha Hobbs 
Project Officer 
South Cape York Catchments

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