Bird netting provides a physical barrier, which prevents, birds, bats and rodents from damaging fruit and crops.

Bird netting is made from High Density Polyethylene monofilament yarn, knitted into an open mesh fabric.
Mesh size 9mm.
Bird netting is a white, UV stabilised, lightweight net that resists tears and abrasions.
Last 3 to 5 years.
Available in 5m x 5m or 5m x 10m.

Designed with optimum hole size, small enough to minimize risk of wildlife becoming snagged, but still open enough to allow small essential pollinating insect through.
But if possible do not apply netting until flowering is finished and fruit is setting.
White colour is easier for wildlife to see and therefore stay away from.
NB. Some states/territories do have wildlife protection rules and guidelines for domestic growers when using netting, please check with your local authorities.
Nets can be draped over trees or vines, or attached to a support structure.
Make sure not to leave nets on longer than necessary as young shoots will eventually grow through the netting, making it harder to remove.
If bird netting is removed carefully and stored properly it can be reused for several season.

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