Plastic barbed Pins

150mm in length with a 35mm head, plastic barbed pins, good for securing mat to the ground in tilled soil conditions.


Wire Hold Down Pins

145mm long blue steel pins, ideal for securing mat to the ground in undisturbed soil situations.

Wire Staples

2 shafts @ 160mm and flat 40mm top. Ideal for securing mat and holding overlapping joins together.


Fleece Clips

Weed Gunnel Fleece Clips are an easy way of attaching the Horticultural Fleece to a wire cable or similar type of fixture.


They are typically fitted every 50cm along the Fleece. They are easily installed, long lasting.


60gsm PP woven Bag
75cm long, 20cm diameter.

Tunnel Arches – Two Sizes Available

Small Tunnel Arch – 80cm wide and 60cm high. Ideal for 1.6m wide Hort Fleece.
Large Tunnel Arch – 120cm wide and 130cm high. Ideal for 3.2m wide Hort Fleece.

Tunnel Braces and Clamps

1m long straight brace bars, to help strengthen your tunnel structure. Can assist to increase spacing between arches.
Joiners and clamps also available.

Tunnel Brace Joiners

7.5cm long plastic joiners. User to connect straight brace bars, for added length and strength.

Wire Clamp

Wire clamps used to attach straight brace bars to the tunnel structure.

Nursery Tree Bags

200mm diameter
250mm deep

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